Kesha Fairman

CEO/Founder Tripoint Media and Technology LLC.

Started her film career in front of the camera, as an actor and former Miss Baton Rouge Louisiana,1997



Kesha started her film career in front of the camera, as an actor and former Miss Baton Rouge Louisiana,1997 . After a time with few, lower paying jobs, she was told that as a black woman there simply wasn’t that much work to be had for her in the film industry. Her response to this was the most reasonable action you could conceive: she dropped her agent and started her own production company to make her own work.


However, complications arose over time. She suddenly and rapidly gained an alarming amount of weight despite being a marathon runner and living an active lifestyle. For several years, doctors couldn’t explain what was wrong or why she seemed incapable of losing the weight even with excellent diet and fitness regime. Then, on October 22,2013, they found it: a 2.77cm tumor growing on her pituitary gland and wreaking havoc with hormone levels.The lengthy and stressful journey back to health is not over for her. Since then, she has been diagnosed with several other health complications including Insulin Resistance , Cushings and Hypothyroidism. These challenges have actually solidified her will to pursue her dream instead of ending it and she has gone on to use her production company to start creating a television series that focuses on real life health issues. Issues where weight loss isn’t always so simple as diet and exercise. Offering insights and advice to people combating the stress and hindrances of day to day life in an attempt to prove that a 9-5 job and kids doesn’t have to be the end of your health. A stretch, sure, as anyone with kids knows, but far from an impossibility.


Mrs. Fairman has recently moved from her starting place in Baton Rouge to the city of Atlanta where she has partnered with Sciberus Technologies. She is currently expanding her network of relations and is in production on Why Weight? TV, the show that pursues her dream of a holistic health community and the start of it all.


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