Do you have over 25,000 fans/followers and want to take your BRAND to the next level?!

Are you giving your content away for free?

Would you like to grow your fan/follower base? Would you like a dedicated TV show to connect with your fans and followers while making additional income?

Why Weight TV, the first dedicated network for Health & Wellness, is currently seeking Influencers to join this subscription based network and become apart of the Why Weight Revolution. We are looking for brands whose mission is to educate and inspire healthy lifestyles including but not limited to fitness experts, chefs, therapist, fitness bloggers, food bloggers, holistic medicine, mixologist, etc…

The WhyWeight Network, launching in Nov, will feature four individuals who are struggling with unhealthy lifestyles. The show will document the challenges of the  weight loss journeys, as well as, give them the tools to successfully accomplish their weight loss goals and achieve a healthy lifestyle. While watching the participants in their journey to lose weight, viewers can become active participants utilizing The WhyWeight Network for themselves.  Each week meal plans, workouts, tips, and wellness advice will be released to subscribers.  Another added benefit for viewers, as well as Influencers, will be interviews with our Influencers allowing them to share tips, advice, and information with the audience while growing their follower base.

Our goal is for viewers and participants to stop focusing on the scale and sticking with a strict diet.  We want to create a revolution by retraining the way we have been taught about eating and weight loss. We want to convey the message that we can all live healthier and happier lifestyles by making small changes and having the support system to do so.

Join our team of Influencers today to expand your reach and help us make a difference!

Influencer Guidelines:

  • Brand has to have a minimum of 25,000 fans/followers (Facebook,Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, E-mail Subscribers)
  • Brand has to be centered around healthy living/ healthy lifestyle
  • 2 videos per week submitted to fully edited
  • Commit to a WhyWeight Skype night once a month

Do you have what it takes?

If you meet the above requirements, click on the button below.