Demond Walker

Software QA technician

Background in managed fast food restaurants for over 20 years


Demond is a native Atlantan, 41 year old father and husband who resides in Norcross, Ga. He is currently working as a QA technician for Sciberus, an Atlanta based Software Company. With a background in foods, Demond managed fast food restaurants for over 20 years and due to this, Demond developed some bad habits in regard to food consumption. .


In 2012, Demond was diagnosed with high blood pressure and informed that if he didn’t address his weight, that other issues could arise like Diabetes and the long life he was dreaming of would not be a reality.


Through many failed attempts to change his lifestyle, Demond’s continuous thoughts of his father’s death due to health issues, continued to motivate him as well as his wishes to be an active participant in his own kids, adult lives. For over the past year and a half, Demond has dedicated himself to improving his health by eating better and being more active. Even though it’s an everyday struggle, Demond is focused and ready to take on all his challenges.


The Challange

The Solution