What is WhyWeight.TV?

WhyWeight.tv is a new interactive digital network built to form a supportive community while providing engaging content; we want viewers to be able to participate along side of the participants. We’re creating an environment to encourage people to create the best life they can.
With original content already available and more being added, we provide both engaging and empowering content.
Now Accepting Content Submissions!
From engaging web series’ and inspirational weight loss stories to impactful transformations , we are currently accepting submissions for produced content from creators to be a part of our network’s upcoming launch.

Why Choose WhyWeight.TV?

Interested in submitting your content to Why Weight? Here’s what you can expect from submitting your content.

  1. Get paid for your work.
    Content Creators should be paid for their art. We share revenue with creators whose work is accepted for our network.
  2. You become part of a team.
    We have a marketing team and an aggressive marketing plan in place to promote our platform as well as the content on it. Focus on what you do best: creating. Our team will work to make sure your content reaches a broader, targeted audience and that it is not simply buried among a ton of “favor of the month” content..
  3. We are non-exclusive.
    We want you to reach as many people as possible! You are always free to explore additional outlets if you feel this isn’t a good fit for you.
  4. We celebrate creators.
    We want to help bring you success as well. All submitted content will be credited to the proper content creator and we’ll also bring people on to help inspire others!
  5. We know the difficulties.
    We know from experience how hard it is to bring your vision to life while finding substantial distribution and trying to make money in the process. We want to be a resource that connects your vision with the audience you want to impact.
  6. We know the numbers.
    We want you to know who your audience is, where they are, and how your content is doing with them. We share analytics with our content creators which includes: plays, finishes, watch time broken down by time of day, the platform it was viewed on, and the viewers geographic location, as well as many other stats. All accepted content creators are provided with analytics to track their viewership.

The Process

Click on the button below to submit your content. If your content is accepted, we will reach out to you to discuss the following steps.

Each submission goes through a review process before it’s accepted. Our current wait time to assess new submissions is approximately 2-4 weeks; there are a lot of amazing projects being reviewed! We thank you in advance for your patience and we are excited to see your work!

Do you have what it takes?

If you meet the above requirements, click on the button below.